Celestia Technologies Group BV (CTG BV) is a Dutch SME, which works in the technological innovations of the Aerospace, Telecommunications and Scientific sectors. The main background and expertise of the company includes on-board UAV electronics and datalinks, antenna measurement systems, electromechanical positioners, microelectronics, beamforming technologies, signal processing, ground stations and systems. It is the company holding for Celestia Technologies Group. The Group is composed of 15 high technology SME companies located in several European contries, and based on innovation, and development of high technology products, as key factors to a steady growth.

During ADACORSA project, CTG BV will develop an aerial unmanned vehicles transponder based on technologies for common aviation: ADS-B, Mode S interrogator. In this way, this mini transponder will be compatible with currrent air traffic control systems providing accurate positioning and identification of the platform. Positioning will be based on signal correction by EGNOS and will allow all airspace users to know vehicle location, contributing to safety and serving as support for other onboard systems as detect&avoid equipment.