Nokia’s main role is to develop the video transport, bitrate adaptation and view-dependent streaming technologies for the HEVC encoded 2D and 360 drone video feeds. Nokia will specify, design and implement and efficient real-time transport protocol which will complement RTP/UDP or TCP based streaming and enable a two-way control between the operator and the video encoder system on the drone. For video throughput adaptation on the 5G network, several run-time configurations such as bitrate, resolution and Region of Interest (ROI) based quality selection signaling will be implemented. For 360 video streaming, a rate control and signaling algorithm which will optimize the video visual quality in the viewport in real-time will be designed and implemented.Nokia will also develop a computer vision algorithm for object detection which will be used to detect and stream ROI based video of several objects at high quality. The development will be done in collaboration with Tampere University and other partners.