We are working for the sUAS (drone) and tethered drone technologies for a while. With the technological developments on recent years, drone flight times increased from 10-15 minutes to 40-60 minutes. On the other hand, drone market increases with a huge percentage yearby year. Right now, each country has its own authority for drone laws, flight permits and airworthiness. It is obvious that in near future, EASA (European Union Aviation Safety Agency) will cover these local authorities. In a technical approach, for having some standards and rules, automobile industry will have a key point on drone market. As Robonik, we are researching and manufacturing drone solutions. Especially with our tethered drone solution, we can reach flight times around 4-12 hours with commercial drones and parts, and the main problem here can be defined as reliability and accuracy of flight electronics and sensors do not have standards like automotive industry so only thrusted option is redundancy of flight electronics.