TAU’s role is to develop an end-to-end 5G video streaming solutions for remote piloting of drones and flight investigation. In practice, TAU will specify, design, and implement ultra-low delay, real-time HEVC video encoding, stitching, and projection solutions for drones. The work will address both traditional video (single camera) and 360 video (multi-camera) use cases. The ultimate target is to implement a low-power embedded on-board 360 video encoder on a field-programmablegate array (FPGA) with a 5G radio interface. A special attention will also be paid to intelligent ROI-based HEVC coding and inclusion of the object metadata in compressed video stream.The developed end-to-end video streaming framework will be validated with virtual and real demonstrations, where the intended use cases include taking remote control of the drone and video “black box” for accident investigation.


Infineon Technologies AG



Project coordinator

Ulrike Glock