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Three and a half years ago, we embarked on the ADACORSA journey, a visionary project aimed at unlocking the full potential of Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) drone operations. Our mission was clear yet ambitious: we aimed to foster the integration of the automotive and drone industries, reduce deployment costs through advanced sensing technology, and leverage commercial off-the-shelf communication technologies. The idea was to integrate the efficiency of automotive-style production with the innovation of AI and data analytics, steering the future of air mobility.


Now, we can proudly state, that we've successfully met our lofty goals, a feat that wouldn't have been possible without the commitment and hard work of our partners. Their dedication has been the cornerstone of this project's success, driving us forward every step of the way.


The first day of our final review, hosted at the scenic bavAIRia e.V. headquarters in Gilching, Germany, was a testament to the hard work and achievements of our partners. On the first day of the review, we witnessed presentations detailing the progress across various work packages and supply chains.

The second day brought the project to life with live demonstrators, showcasing the practical outcomes. Each partner also presented their exploitation strategy, setting the stage for the future and illustrating how far we've come and where we're headed. The demonstrator poster exhibition offered deeper insights into our advancements, further highlighting the project's impact.


As we wrap, we're not just celebrating the end of a project but the beginning of a new era in drone technology. A heartfelt thank you to everyone involved in ADACORSA. Here's to the future projects and the continued transformation of the world of air mobility!


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On June 2nd, 2023, ADACORSA project partner the Delft University of Technology, in partnership with eSpace - EPFL Space Center, University of Luxembourg, and Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), held a workshop at the IEEE ICRA conference on "Heterogeneous multi-robot cooperation for exploration and science in extreme environments".

ADACORSA partner's session at the 13th EASN International Conference on "Key Enabling Technologies for Drone-Based Multi-Agent Systems" was a resounding success. The session was marked by impressive presentations and lively discussions, following the team's participation in the 12th EASN International Conference.


We would like to give special thanks to Ricardo Reis, the session chair, for his coordination efforts and insightful presentation. We also extend our appreciation to Elena Politi, Rainer Matischek, Stefan Wernitznigg, Emanuele Pagliari, Morten Larsen, and the CIRA representatives, Domenico Pascarella and Gabriella Gigante, for their comprehensive reports on the ADACORSA project's results and their exploration of advanced learning models for drone teams. As we eagerly await upcoming papers, we are excited for the deeper insights they will provide on the numerous topics discussed.


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On May 19, 2022, the Institute of Youth, in partnership with ITML and the ADACORSA project, successfully co-hosted the "Drones in Cyprus" event in Nicosia, Cyprus. This significant gathering attracted members of the general public, various government agencies, and researchers. Notably, representatives from the Cyprus Police and the Nicosia municipality were present, exploring the applications and implications of drone technology for law enforcement in Cyprus.


A key feature of the event was the distribution of a public acceptance survey, developed by SC9, among attendees. The responses from this survey are expected to provide crucial insights into the public's perception and acceptance of drone technology. These findings will be instrumental in guiding future initiatives and strategies in this rapidly evolving field.


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As part of the ADACORSA research project, measurement campaigns were successfully carried out in a farming area near Schmidgaden in Bavaria. For this purpose, a commercially available DJI drone was extended with a measurement system that enables the recording of the quality of service of mobile radio connections. The picture shows the drone, with which predefined routes are flown, the drone pilot, as well as an RTK base station, which is used for the exact routing of the drone. With the help of the measurement data, prediction models are to be trained. These are, for example, applied to adjust the utilization of the transmission channels accordingly or to generate a flight route adapted to the transmission characteristics.


On the 1st and 2nd of March 2023, project partners gathered at Infineon Technologies Campeon in Neubiberg, Germany for the 3rd General Assembly Meeting. The meeting was also broadcasted live for remote participants.

During the 2-day meeting, Supply Chain and Demonstrator leaders presented achievements of the past year and outlined work that needs to be done before the final review meeting, which is scheduled for October. The topics of the demonstrators ranged from multi-sensor architectures for perception, and intelligent algorithms to improve SLAM, to the use of drones on construction sites.

This General Assembly meeting provided project partners with the ideal opportunity not only to align but also to define the framework for demo presentations for the final review.



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The EFECS conference was a perfect opportunity to celebrate the "Towards a European single market for drones" initiative, which brought together Comp4Drones, CPS4EU, ADACORSA and Arrowhead-tools projects.

The synergy between these projects allowed to increase accessibility to pre-integrated tool chains produced by SMEs that make up the drone industry in Europe. Comp4Drones and ADACORSA are developing components for drones. Comp4Drones architecture stems from avionics practices, while ADACORSA adapts automotive technologies and practices. CPS4EU developed 6 pre-integrated architectures for cyber-physical systems, which can enable easy customisation of drone systems. Arrowhead-tools work on closing the gaps that hinder IT/OT integration. By introducing new technologies in an open-source platform for design and run-time engineering, Arrowhead Tools renders the efficient integration of IoT and System of Systems tractable.

Furthermore, these projects have many partners in common, making it easier to share the overall vision and facilitating the adoption of the projects` results.

EFECS is the international forum to ‘Create impact by collaborative innovation! for an autonomous and sustainable Europe and the Electronic Components and Systems value chain in Europe. EFECS 2022 took place in Amsterdam, the Netherlands on the 23-24th of November 2022.

ADACORSA project was represented in a booth, where project partners presented technical demonstrators and overall achievements of the project. Anna Ryabokon, TTTech, presented Demonstrator 5.1.1. "Fail-operational avionics architecture". Panagiotis Rodosthenous, ITML, presented "Drone market insights". Nina Suchotina, Metis Baltic, presented Demonstrators 1.3 "3D Imaging" and 1.4 "Detect and avoid".

Project representatives also took advantage of all networking opportunities and formed meaningful connections with potential stakeholders.


During the EASN conference, which took place on the 18th -21st of October 2022 in Barcelona, Spain, the ADACORSA project was represented in the “Leveraging cross-sectional industries to enable BVLOS drone services” session. Project partners presented 6 topics, that made a great impact on conference participants and laid the foundation for future publications and presentations. We are grateful to have such dedicated partners on our project and look forward to their future work.



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The 2nd Review Meeting took place on the 21st of June in Brussels, Belgium at KDT JU, White Atrium Building. Work Package and Supply Chain leaders participated in person, while the rest of the consortium joined online. The Project Officer and outside experts evaluated favourably technological achievements, demonstrators and overall progress made in the 2nd year of the project.

On the 4-5th of May, ADACORSA partners came together at Infineon Technologies office in Graz for the 2nd General Assembly meeting. The meeting was also broadcasted live for remote participants.

During these two days’ Supply Chain and Work Package leaders presented achievements made in the second year of the project. During breaks partners engaged in discussions and watched a flying drone demonstrator, that was able to detect and avoid pedestrians using radar, camera and 3D imaging.

General Assembly gave partners the perfect opportunity to align and prepare for the upcoming 2nd Review Meeting.

ADACORSA project was represented in ADW Hybrid and EASA conferences that took place in Amsterdam, the Netherlands on 29-31 of March. Amsterdam Drone Week is the global platform for sharing knowledge on current air solutions, potential innovations, and vital regulations. EASA technical sessions covered the latest developments and prospects in Dutch and European aerospace, presentations at Xpert theatre and Main Stage allowed one to familiarize oneself with interesting projects, the future of air mobility and other topics. In addition to expert insights, this event provided participants with a valuable opportunity to visit Unmanned Valley, as well as ample networking opportunities.

ADACORSA representatives expanded their knowledge in Innovative Air mobility, citizen relations to UAM, UAM regulations and other topics by participating in breakout rooms and presentations, and a trip to the Unmanned Valley. Furthermore, project representatives exploited every networking opportunity and were able to create valuable connections, that would benefit not only this but future projects as well.

Amsterdam Drone Week 2022 not only energized and inspired the ADACORSA team but also proved to be a suitable platform for project dissemination. ADACORSA is determined to become a partner at Amsterdam Drone Week 2023 and present its achievements and developments in the project booth and on stage.


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Adacorsa 1st Review

On the 15th of June, ADACORSA had its 1st Review. In an online meeting, Supply Chain and Work Package leaders presented to Reviewers the overall project status, achieved results, and gave a glimpse into near-future plans and activities.

Global pandemic made the first year of the project rather challenging and turbulent, however, consortium members handled these challenges well and made notable progress on the project, which was noted by the Reviewers.

We begin the second year with full enthusiasm and hope that the 2nd Review will be held face-to-face.

ADACORSA Newsletter No.2

We are happy to share with you the 2nd ADACORSA Newsletter, which covers developments and updates of the past 7 months.
Successful project review and webinar on changes in aerospace regulations – just a few examples of great teamwork and dedication!
Stay tuned for further project updates.


you will find the newsletter here

Today we are proud to publish the first ADACORSA Newsletter




Aerospace regulations for Unmanned Aerial Systems

We are delighted to announce that our project is organizing its first webinar - Aerospace regulations for Unmanned Aerial Systems.

The webinar will take place online —March 25 from 14:00 to 15:30 CET.

We kindly invite our project members to join the first Adacorsa webinar.

The webinar will be led by our partners Walter Decker (Infineon) and Wilfried Kallert (Syrphus).



25th - 26th November 2020 online

On November 25th and 26th European Forum For Electronic Components and Systems (EFECS) had taken online. COVID-19 did not stop any stakeholders from discussing Our Digital Future. ADACORSA project representatives were always present behind the project booth and tried their best to make the communication as real as possible.
We would like to thank our visitors and hopefully see you next time, not virtually!

Kick Off!

We are happy to announce that despite the ongoing global pandemic, the ADACORSA project has successfully started! It was launched with a two-day online kick-off meeting which took place on 3rd and 4th of June 2020. 49 Partners from 12 different countries have joined their forces together with Supply Chain and Work Package leaders to delineate the administrative and technical responsibilities. The kick-off gave a great head start to establish connections between all the partners. Whereas, the Supply Chain and Work Package leaders had an opportunity to integrate their synergies and discuss effective methods in achieving the main objectives during the project lifetime.


The ADACORSA project has started on the 01 st of May 2020. The start will be celebratet with a two day kick-off meeting taking place on June 3 rd - 4 th, 2020.

Remember to register for EFECS 2020

Don't miss out and register now! Join us online to discover, network, learn and shape ‘Our Digital Future’ at the European Forum for Electronic Components and Systems (EFECS) 2020! The fourth edition of this international event is going to be virtual and unique, taking place on 25-26 November 2020.

EFECS 2020 is a virtual rendez-vous of stakeholders from across the ECS community, including an inspiring programme with sessions on the COVID-19 crisis, keynote speeches by the European Commission, the German Ministry and many more. EFECS contains high-level presentations, interactive workshops, Pre-Brokerage activities and an exhibition for new project ideas and project dissemination.


DroneSE Workshop Program

ADACORSA team has been invited to present in Comp4Drones organized DroneSE workshop- Drones system engineering, which took place on 18th -20th of January. It was indeed a great opportunity to explore drone potential, regulatory landscape, and specific drone system architectures. Thank you for those that have registered and attended the workshop. If you will receive more opportunities to participate in such events, do not hesitate to contact WP7 leaders for guidance and support with regards to dissemination material.





ADACORSA has received funding from the ECSEL Joint Undertaking (JU) under grant agreement No 876019.
The JU receives support from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme and Germany, Netherlands, Austria, France, Sweden, Cyprus, Greece, Lithuania, Portugal, Italy, Finland, Turkey.