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This demonstrator is an overview of the current and future National and European drone regulations and the influence of management systems. The specific drone category as defined by EASA is considered and a regulatory framework report is created. The focus will be on several areas outlined below. Due to its complexity, the special focus of this demonstrator will be on beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) operations and will play a key role in most of the furture business cases for commercial drone operations. First, the focus will be on the German and European regulations. From 2020 on the European regulations will be implemented in the German regualtion framework. The task here will be to explain how the European regulations are interpreted and how the requirements are embedded in the German framework. In the course of the project the particularities of other European nations will be involved. The task here will be to describe how the European regulations are implemented in other European member states and to outline the main differences between the countries in terms of the interpretation of reuqirements. Furthermore, the influence effects of the regulations on Unmanned Air Traffic Management (UTM, USpace) will be discussed. The task here is to provide an outlook how drone operations will be integrated in the airspace an which technologies are needed. Drone operator organizations will also be part of the demonstrator. The task here is to describe how these organisations need to implement appropriate safety management. Finally, the regulatory framework report is compared with international regulatory frameworks. This demonstrator provides a quick overview of the necessary requirements and regulations for different nations in Europe.




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